EPCOT holds a special place in my heart.  Even though Future World is currently a far cry from what it once was in the 80s , World Showcase, thankfully, has remained true to itself.  (OK, expect for Maelstrom but we won't go into that now. Sore spot.)

We love to travel so it's nice to get a little taste of the world while on a Disney vacation and the World Showcase offers just that, wrapped up in a nice little package - no passport needed!  I thought I'd share some snaps from a few weeks ago of our afternoon trek through France, Japan, and Morocco.  We'll start off with France where beautiful details, such as the above gorgeous perfume and soap display at L'Esprit de la Provence, abound!


Perfumes, sachets, and colorful flowers make the France pavilion one of the most fragrant places in all of Walt Disney World.


We happened to be visiting during  the Flower and Garden Festival and were treated to many gorgeous topiaries featuring Disney characters such as Belle and the Beast, Flower Skunk, and (one of my favorites), Lumiere!  Disney has always, in one way or another, featured elaborate topiaries throughout their parks but they have really gone above and beyond in recent years.

As I mentioned, I was very excited to discover the above detail which I had never noticed before in the thirty-plus years I've been visiting EPCOT!  I'm a complete Disney nerd when it comes to things like this so it really excited me.  I do remember actual scenes such as this along the Seine in actual Paris, though, which is just another reason why I enjoy exploring the World Showcase so much - the details!  See?  Nerd.

Anyhow, thanks for joining us through our little walk through France at the World Showcase!  I'll be posting about Morocco next - au revoir!