With the recent news that Disney's California Adventure's Tower of Terror would soon be no more, I can't help but fear that Hollywood Studios' counterpart will suffer that same unfortunate fate.  Hopefully, that day is far, far away and we'll have have many more freefall drops and trips to the fifth dimension in our future.  With that said, I thought it would be the perfect time to take a trip through one of my favorite queue experiences at Disney - the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobby!  I'm so glad that we were blessed with long wait times and a very slow moving queue the last time we were at Walt Disney World because I was able to get up close to so many of the spectacular details that we often have to whoosh by. 

Who else is a huge fan of Disney cobwebs?  Nothing immerses me into an attraction more than a good cobweb!  Don't you just want to reach out and grab them?  Or, if you're a neat freak like my husband and I, reach out and spray some Windex on them?  That reminds me of a really funny story in the fantastic book by RJ and Suzanne Ogren, Together in the Dream:  The Unique Careers of a Husband and Wife in the Early Decades of Walt Disney World, where RJ talks about having to reapply all the cobwebs in the Haunted Mansion due to a custodial worker cleaning them up thinking they were real.  They're just that convincing!

Another feature that I really appreciate about this attraction is that Walt Disney Imagineering used actual antiques for most of the props, some even dating back to the Renaissance!

I'm always excited when we end up right at a cut-off point here because it means I get to read the awesome directory with the plastic stick-on letters.  This is one of the areas where the Imagineers got it absolutely right and I'm almost certain that there's a Stardust Room in the Mezzanine and a High Society Suite in the Penthouse.  How amazing would it be if there was?  

Well, that concludes our little tour of the Hollywood Hotel Lobby at Hollywood Studios' Tower of Terror!  We are actually going to be at Disneyland in a few months and I look forward to documenting the ride at California Adventure before it undergoes the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT! redo (which - OK, OK - looks pretty cool).  Here's to hoping for another long wait time - see ya real soon!