I recently treated myself to an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and they've been a fantastic investment!  I have previously used Wacom tablets for my digital art and had been debating on whether or not to get the Cintiq.  Well, I think my search is over as I am completely in love with Apple's combo!  Not only do the Pro and Apple Pencil deliver in terms of portability but their performance and range of apps is very, very impressive.  I used Procreate for the drawing above and have also downloaded AstroPad (which mirrors your computer screen onto your tablet, essentially letting your run full-fledged applications from the iPad).  Both apps have produced amazing results and the pressure-sensitivity on the Apple Pencil is comparable to that of a Wacom, in my experience.  I'm not quite sure where Apple currently stands as a professional illustration tool but I'm beyond happy with the results I've gotten.

Since I've been in the middle of recapping out Disney World trip, I thought I'd share a drawing of EPCOT's very own Figment which I completed this week.  As I mentioned, this was created entirely on Procreate.